100% of your some funds supports the fight against hunger



Spread the word about your fundraiser and ask your friends and family to give

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Then sit back and watch the donations to clean water projects roll in.


See where 100% of your money goes and who it helps.

After your campaign is over, we’ll send every penny that you raise directly to the field to help people in need. As soon as your project is finished, we’ll send you photos and GPS coordinates to show you exactly who you helped. 


What will you do?

You can do anything to raise money for clean water! Need some inspiration? Here are a few campaigns we’ll never forget.

  • Volunteer Funding

    56% Donated
    Goal : ₹100,000.00
    The legal definition of a charitable organization (and of charity) varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country....

Join our campaigners to support families in India

Now, it’s your turn. 1 in 10 people on the planet still sleep hungry despite the food surplus in certain parts of the world . We need your help, What will you do? 

Fundraising Ideas

Stuck for ideas?

 We’ve put together some ideas to get you inspired today. See below

Family and Friends
Church or Worship Group
At Work

Holding an event with family and friends is a great way to have fun and raise vital funds and awareness. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Host a dinner party:Invite some friends round and ask them to make a donation for their meals! You could have a rolling event and go to a different friend’s house each month, or theme your food around a particular country or city. Get creative! You could even do a little extra fundraising on the night with a quiz or raffle, or having a ‘banned word’ jar.
  • Pamper evening:Invite your friends round for an evening of indulgence, asking people to bring their favourite products and food. Sell tickets or ask for donations and have fun!
  • Quiz night:Organise a quiz night for your friends and show off your amazing general knowledge skills.
  • Take a walk:Plan a walk that everyone can enjoy at a local favourite park or route and get sponsored for your steps!
  • Garden party:Hold a picnic or BBQ in your garden or at a friend’s. You could even have a plant sale, tombola, or raffle!
  • Treasure hunt:Plan a route around where you live, your local town, or even your county. Create a hunt that adults and children can enjoy, and finish at a local park for a picnic or at a restaurant. You could ask local businesses to donate a prize for the winner!
  • Film club:Host a movie night with friends and family, basing the food, decorations, or even your outfits around what you’re watching!
  • Sing for Supper– Host an afternoon or evening of music with your congregation. What a wonderful way to come together as a group, learn music and then invite friends and family to come along to a concert?
  • Bake Off– run a classic bake sale but add some competition. Get people to submit their lemon sponge cakes or Victoria sponges for judging. Charge for baking submissions and for selling the cakes afterwards.
  • Food and Drinks Tasting– This is a great way to socialise, meet new friends, and get to know members of your group or organisation – and you can serve anything from cheese, wine or cake.
  • Bring and Buy Sale– Ask everyone who attends your place of worship to bring in unwanted gifts, books, games and clothes, and organise a bring and buy sale. If you have a car park, you could also make it a car boot sale.
  • Christmas Fair– Help you community start their festive shopping in style with a stop off at your Christmas Fair. Use a local hall or community space and sell stalls/spaces to those who would like to take part in the fair. Why not invite the local choir to sing carols to entertain your visitors as they shop. You could have festive bakes, raffle and tombola to increase your fundraising activities
  • Host your own Foodie Fundraiser– Set up a brilliant breakfast buffet that friends and members of your community won’t be able to resist! Or perhaps organise a ‘Bring and Share Lunch’ with guests making a donation to attend.

Open Gardens – If some of your congregation love gardening why not host a community open garden day. Invite worshippers and friends and family to open their garden and raise money for The Trussell Trust. You could offer lunches, treasure trails and plants for sale.

  • Sign Up for a Challenge.
  • Bouncing Babies– Get your colleagues to bring in a baby photo and have a competition to guess who’s who. Charge a small entry fee and offer a prize.
  • Ditch the Suit– Pay a small donation to dress down in casual clothes or dress up with a fun theme.
  • Sponsored Silence– Hold a sponsored challenge – can you go a day without speaking? Or sending no emails?!
  • Bosses Brew!Sponsor your boss to make tea for the day.
  • Auction of Promises– Ask colleagues to come up with a promise – such as getting coffee for the whole team for a week or getting your boss to wear fancy dress or job swap with a colleague. If you’re a manager, get sponsored to go back to the ‘shop floor’. Auction the promises over the company intranet or on the staff noticeboard.
  • Trek it Out– Near or far, to the Breacon Beacons or just to the bar, organise your own company expedition. This can be sponsored or ticketed.
  • Five-a-side– Organise a football tournament with teams of your colleagues, local companies, friends and family. Charge an entry fee per team. You can even sell tickets to you cheer squad!
  • Get Cool– Do temperatures in your office soar in the summer? Fill a cool box or your work freezer with ice creams and lollies and sell them around the office.
  • Host a works Foodie Fundraiser– Set up a brilliant breakfast buffet that colleagues won’t be able to resist! Organise a ‘Bring and Share Lunch’ or swap the shop and pack your own lunch (instead of buying) every day for a month and donate the savings made to the Trussell Trust.
  • Test your Knowledge!Test your colleagues’ knowledge by organising your very own quiz night. Make it all about sport or music or general knowledge. Alternatively persuade your local pub to help by donating the takings from its regular quiz night.
  • Sweepstake– Set up a sweepstake for a big event which could be anything from the first goal scorer in the FA Cup final to the winner of the winner of the Grand National or the latest reality TV competition.
  • Word Ban– Pick your most common corporate speak, be it low hanging fruit, easy win or on the same page; challenge people not to use these words for a day by penalising those that do and getting them to ‘reach out’ to the Trussell Trust.
  • Survey Savvy!If you regularly ask for customer feedback, get customers involved in fundraising by suggesting your company makes a donation for every customer survey returned.