Our Approach

Our Approach

What is the planning process?

We plan to launch Mother’s Meal pan India on Independence day, August 15. Our goal is to support the families in distress, who are most vulnerable like families with persons with disabilities, terminal illness, widows and people who lost job due to COVID, unable to sustain the family. Members of the management team will identify reliable organisations involved in community work who will identify such families. 

What is the decision making process?

Management team spent time in discussing the program and the process in its meeting on 1st August. Work of identifying the partners was left to the members and report back to the group, so that all places are covered and there is no overlapping. 

How are costs calculated?

Our plan is to provide a sustainable support to a family to ensure the family does not go hungry. We have named it as Survival Kits, meaning our effort is only to ensure the family survives this troubled times. We provide 500 rupees worth of provisions, necessary to keep the family sail through. This is to supplement whatever the family already has and will not to take care of all the needs of the family. We have supplied such kits to over 20,000 families so far and they were extremely happy and grateful. 


  1. Rice -5kg ;5×35 =Rs.175
  2. Atta-1kg  ; 1×32=Rs.32
  3. 3.ToorDal 500g; Rs.45
  4. Brownchana 500g; Rs. 30
  5. Sugar lkg; Rs.40
  6. Ruchigold Oil 500ml ; Rs. 38
  7. Salt 1kg ; Rs. 10
  8. Bathsoap 1 ;  Rs. 18
  9. Washingsoap 1; Rs. 10
  10. Tea 250gms; Rs.30
  11. Chilly powder 100 gms ; Rs.25
  12. Coriander powder 100gms; Rs.18
  13. Tumeric powder 100gms; Rs.18
  14. Bag  / Labour;  Rs. 11

Role of government?

Government has its own poverty alleviation programs like PDS – Public Distribution System through which rice is provided. This is a great support. What we are doing is to complement the PDS since rice alone is not sufficient for the families. 

Where does my money actually go?

The locations are the places where we have good partners working in the community and ready to implement the programs. We will choose one or two locations in every State and Union Territory in India. 

If we work with partners - how do we select them? (List of partners)

Members have opted for organisations they have some contact with already. Many of them are proven partners for our previous social programs like eye donation and Blind Walk. Many are established social groups working with the most vulnerable groups like tribals, disabilities, terminal illness and migrants. List of organisations is attached along with the contact details of the persons in charge. 

How long is a project?

Mother’s Meal is a family to family support program, conceived as a sustainable support. The support initially is planned for about one year. The local team in touch with the family can evaluate and decide whether to continue the support for the family, as per the renewed situation and changes that might have come during that time. Some families will require longer support and this is possible, like families with disabilities or terminal illness. 

Apart from this, we understand that while food is the primary requirement at this time, the family needs to be supported to become a self reliant one. This can happen only with livelihood support and education of the children. Therefore we envisage a possibility of continuing to support the family till they become financially independent to manage themselves. This support can be offered by the family that supports it or the organisation can find other agencies who are willing to support them or raise resources to help them in areas of livelihood and education. 

Thus Mother’s Meal is a long term family sustenance program.

Once we provide the food - how do we stay in touch and maintain?

We are collecting full information about the family through the local provider, mostly Non Governmental Organisation. We will directly be in touch the family through the local provider. We will also have the contact details to be in touch with the family directly. Thirdly the donor family will also be provided the contact details of the family they support, if they wish to be in touch with the family they support. 

What does success look like? (Share stories from the field)

Success is when the family is supported to be become self reliant. More stories to come.