Our Work

Locations served

How We Work

We partner with experienced local organizations who manage sustainable, community-owned projects around the world.

Proving Our Impact

Our aim from the start is to be able to publicly share photos and GPS coordinates for all Mother’s Meal projects. Soon we will sharing live projects with through Google Maps for everyone.

The Next Step In Sustainability

Working with local leaders to supply food is only a start. Mother’s Meal aims to deploy programs towards self-sustenance through awareness, education and connections. 

Want to get involved?

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer. We could not operate without our passionate and inspiring volunteers who give up their time to help people in crisis.


  • Donate and impact someone’s meal tonight.
  • Join as a monthly donor and see the impact you create.
  • Alternatively, support someone else’s campaign. 


Sponsor an entire community for Rs. 500,000 or more and impact an entire village. Once you’ve made your gift, we’ll pair it with an appropriate project (or projects). Funding an entire project means you’ll be recognised as the official project sponsor.


Starting a fundraising campaign is super easy. Set up a campaign (takes a minute), Spread the word to friends & family. 100% of funds raised go directly to needy and on completion, we will share exactly whom it impacted.