Sponsor A Community

Project Reporting to Keep You Involved

Funding an entire community means you’ll be recognised as the official project sponsor. But it takes time. Here’s what to expect over the course of the next 12+ months.


Our giving year is split into two halves: January 1st – June 30th and July 1st – December 31st. We prepare to send your donation to the field at the completion of the half in which you give.

You work with a dedicated project manager with whom you identify the village or community you want to sponsor. We would be happy to partner with other NGOs should you have aims to build infrastructure or towards other additional causes that directly supports our vision of families helping families.


The dedicated manager will work with you to identify dates, agree on the partners on the field with whom we will work with, review how and whom this initiative is communicated to (Social media, press etc.), preparation of basic marketing material such as banners identifying your sponsorship and at the end you will receive a completion report when the project is finished. You will be kept in the loop on all aspects of preparation and execution including possible live feeds via the internet or via your personal presence at the site of handover.

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Willing to sponsor a community? 


What am I paying for when I sponsor?

100% of your money goes to the field to cover costs on the ground. (breakdown can vary by country, partner, and technology)

Our current model is as follows however we would be happy to discuss how we can bring your dreams to life.

What can go wrong?

Mothers Meal works in some of the poorest and most challenging lcoations because that’s where the need is greatest. Naturally, despite our best efforts to meet your and our expectations, forces beyond our control occasionally require a change of plans. The list of uncertainties we’ve encountered is long: governments collapse, policies change, roads get washed out, demonstrations occur, access if blocked off or community needs change.

No matter what happens, we promise that 100% of your donation will directly fund an agreed project. In addition to updating you about our progress, we’ll inform you if the location of your sponsored project has to change. In the unlikely event that we need to totally reallocate your funds, we’ll put them toward projects substantially similar to the one you chose to support in the first place. If we absolutely cannot find a suitable project in the country you had hoped to help, we’ll work with you to find an alternative project.

How much is the community involved in building a project?

As much as possible. We don’t consider our projects “complete” until the community receiving them is engaged and empowered to care for them.

Where possible, our partners enlist local community members to help with efforts, or help out with any other tasks. We believe in alleviation of hunger as a catalyst for social change. Our partners try to make sure the underserved or minority members of a community are represented and served by our projects.

What’s included in my report?

When your project is built and we receive completion data from our partners (about 21 months), we assemble and send you a report with the following information:

  • Photos of the actual project
  • A virtual plaque plotted on Google Maps
  • GPS coordinates
  • Population served