Why Hunger

Where it all began

What impact do we want to create?

Our goal is a world without hunger, where every human being has the opportunity to live a complete life. Satisfying the bodily needs of hunger, people will be able to pursue life fulfilling interests and goals. We want to bring the 10% of population living in extreme poverty out of hunger. 

Help us Connect the people who are willing to make an impact in this area – to the people who do not have the resources or the access.

More People = More impact

Recent figures published in 2019 by FAO show that the number of people suffering from chronic hunger has been increasing over the last 4 years.  Over 820 million people worldwide are afflicted with hunger, with India having nearly 25% of the world’s hungry population or 190 million people.  If food cannot get to those, who need it, then 130 million more people could go hungry in 2020. 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become key objectives to shape the world’s response to development challenges and in particular a goal of Zero Hunger aims to end hunger and achieve food security, improved nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture.


What are the challenges ?

Hunger is the most important issue the human being has to address in his/her daily life. Hunger will rob you of your health. Hunger will drive you to do anything to survive. Hunger will take over all other aspects of a persons life, limiting you to hunt only for your food. A hungry person can never live a full life fulfilling his/her aspirations for social, economic and spiritual well being. The major challenge is to reach the right people who are unable to access food…  Many hungry people live in countries with food surpluses, not food shortages. As COVID-19, continues to spread around the world – people fleeing conflict, living in poverty or without access to healthcare, face greater risk from this pandemic. Over 368 million children are missing meals and snacks because schools have been shut down.

Does solving hunger have a larger impact?

Hunger traps people in poverty & need and passes it on to the next generation. By alleviating Hunger and with better nutrition, children are born with better physical and mental development, which helps them in education and skill development thereby adding value to society – rather than being trapped in malnutrition, sickness and dependency. 

As we address the issue of hunger, the family will be able to focus on other areas like education of the children, livelihood options, career and job. Once the basic need for looking after food is providing through Mother’s Meal the family will automatically look for other areas for their growth. We can help them in this process by extending support or by linking them with other organisations involved in such specific areas of work. The supporting family can also be requested to extent help in other areas if they like to.